Emerald Enclave


The Emerald Enclave was an organization of druids and other nature worshipers on the island of Ilighôn. The actions of the Enclave influenced the lives of the high and low, its members avoiding good and evil to focus on the needs of the natural world and resist the growing influence of humankind. Despite their primary goal of preserving nature, members were not direct opponents of progress; they preferred instead to work with civilized folk to promote the health of the natural world without resorting to acts of violence.

After the Spellplague hit, and with their island becoming part of the Turmish mainland due to the receding waters of the Sea of Fallen Stars, the organization became perverted and xenophobic: bent on destroying all forms and manifestations of the Spellplague.
p. Depending on the situation, the Enclave was also known as the “Caretakers”, “Nature’s Chosen”, the “Circle”, and “the Chosen of Silvanus”…

The Enclave had the following ranks from lowest to highest: Springwarden, Summerstrider, Autumreaver, Winterstalker, and Master of the Wild.

The Enclave has been organized into a hierarchy of circles, each of which had a different responsibility:

  • Circle of Initiates
  • Circle of Earth
  • Circle of Air
  • Eldath’s Circle
  • Planar Circle
  • The Elder Circle

The three members of the Elder Circle were followers of Eldath, Mielikki, and Silvanus.[citation needed] Most members worshiped one of these deities and all wore some sort of green symbol. They traveled often, hunting for threats to the natural resources of the Reach and seeking potential allies in other lands.

Famous Members:

  • Lady Shadowmoon Crystalembers (later Cindermoon), Hierophant of the Emerald Enclave
  • Shinthala Deepcrest, Grand Cabal of the Enclave
  • Ashenford Torinbow, Elder of the Enclave
  • Delaan Winterhound
  • Rolen Naïlon, High Priest of Silvanus

Foundational History:

Founded on Ilighôn in 374 DR, the Enclave’s initial goal was to protect the interests and resources of nature within the Vilhon Reach in the face of despoilers of nature. The House of Silvanus was completed a few years later.

After a while, the Enclave began to concern themselves with preservation of nature throughout all of Færûn. To accomplish this feat, they started splinter cells in other areas that it believed may become threatened, such as the High Forest, Cormanthor, the Wealdath, and the forests of the Great Dale. These cells were small, often consisting of only a few people keeping a close eye on organizations dangerous to their aims. Such groups were known to keep a watch on the church of Talos and the People of the Black Blood.


After the Spellplague of 1385 DR, much of the order died or left for Gulthandor. The remaining druids, led by the increasingly mad female eladrin Cindermoon (formerly Shadowmoon Crystalembers), were less capable and experienced, and harbored a deep hatred of the spellscarred.

Several agents were sent to the plaguelands south of Turmish, and the organization also tried to stop the scar pilgrimages that passed through, usually by violent means.


The Enclave was revitalized in 1486 DR when the Chosen of Lathander, Stedd Whitehorn, cured Cindermoon of a Shar-induced madness and the Great Rains refilled the Sea of Fallen Stars.


Along with several other factions, the Enclave is rising up to oppose a plot by the Cult of the Dragon to return Tiamat to the mortal realm.



Emerald Enclave

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